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APHFTA is the umbrella advocacy platform for the private health sector in Tanzania. APHFTA Members have the privilege of being represented by APHFTA as a sector, with all the privileges that are found in a membership organization, which include:

  1. Access to education and training through various disease specific projects – e.g. HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, MNCH Training Programs etc
  • Regular Members meetings at National, Zonal and Regional levels provide a platform for members to share knowledge and experience that improves their business and sector specific performance.
  • Networking opportunities are provided that puts members at the top of information edge
  • Access to affordable financing and business training through  Afya Microfinance, a unique healthcare financing vehicle, a first of its kind in Tanzania by APHFTA
  • Access to continuous facility quality improvement program that comes with expert onsite support (The Afya Steps and Safecare)
  •  Joint Supportive Supervision for member facilities to ensure member facility operations are in line with the National Healthcare Standards
  • Representations to sector key decision making platforms, including Policy formulation and review forums, Ministry of Health Technical Working Committees, Tanzania private Sector Foundation, The Tanzania National Business Council, East African Health Care Platform etc
  • Representation in Key sector Boards, e.g.  NHIF, PHAB, MCT, etc
  • Online membership Community whereby members engage, socialize and network with each other, stay on top of the latest updates and important news
  1. Opportunities to give back to the community in providing services such as Health screening camps etc

Coming Soon!

  1. Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) Certification

APHFTA is a registered CPD provider, and from 2022 APHFTA is providing MCT Approved CPD topics, which come to members as a free package or with minimum contribution. The packages come online or in in-person trainings. This gives members flexibility in planning for their CPD training

  • Online membership services

AMIS-online membership services information system provide up-to-date membership contribution records, virtual directories, new opportunities in the sector, new innovations for possible adoption, reference materials such as policy reviews, guidelines, regulation, strategic plans and reports from the Sector Ministry –MOH

  • Important information to engaged and active members

Membership slot linked to the Association’s website that incorporate key information bonuses, and special business/product offers that are specific to active members

  • Member of the Quarter for the active and engaged members on website and newsletter
  • Member milestones that will feature members who have been in the association for 5, 10, 15 years and so on as well as any member with big accomplishment worth sharing and celebrating- this will promote visibility and enhance business opportunities to members