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The 12th East Africa Healthcare Federation Conference and PHARMEX 2023 Exhibition, Dar es Salaam, November 2nd & 3rd, 2023

Strengthening the Business of Health Within the East African Community

Building Stronger Health Synergies


Since its inception on May 3rd, 2012 in Kampala, Uganda, the East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) has held annual conferences in members’ states, bringing together health care stakeholders from all over the region and beyond. The federation membership has since grown from three founding member states to eight, namely Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and the newest member DRC Congo!. EAHF unifies East African Private Healthcare Players at the East African Community level. Healthcare stakeholders from all the East African States meet at the EAHF Conference to discuss the health business agenda, with big business transactions taking place at the event.

Why East Africa Healthcare Federation was formed

Since the re-formation of the East African Community (EAC), the now seven member states have pushed the agenda on integration. The way forward is to form an East African Federation with greater coordination of the various sectors, notably in education, health, custom union, and trade through the East African Community (EAC), as well as established regional bodies. The East African Business Council (EABC) is one such body that has played a significant role in providing one voice for the business community in the region.

Within the EABC, other players have also established platforms, e.g. the healthcare related Federations namely the Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (FEAPM) and the East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF). These platforms represent industries within the EAC that have the same values and push for the same agenda. They provide a platform for sharing experiences and dialogue with the regional governments at the EAC level. Such federations are the media for stimulating positive change through a coordinated effort of all the member states at the same pace, without leaving any member state at a disadvantaged position. One of the federations’ mandates it to open regional and international healthcare markets for the EAC member states.

The potential of the private health sector in propelling these countries towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and especially the Universal Health Coverage Agenda, is being explored and developed at various platforms with government partners. Such fora are propelling the development of the health sector in their respective countries and in the whole of the Eastern African Region.

East Africa Healthcare Federation mission is to support the growth of the health sector in all the EAC member states; no country is left behind. The stakeholders of the sector now have a platform to share ideas and advocate for the private health sector. This is in line with the spirit of the East African states integration, and with the East African policies. Public Private Partnerships in health have been adopted by the partner states as an important ingredient in the development of a sustainable health sector in the East African Region.

What is Special About the 2023 EAHF Conference and PHARMEX

APHFTA, the Tanzania Private Heath Sector umbrella Organization, and a member of the EAHF, is hosting the 12th East African Healthcare Federation Conference and PHARMEX 2023 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from 2nd to 3rd November, 2023. Renowned professionals from East Africa and abroad will participate. Scientific papers on health care policies and regulations will be presented and discussed. Regional healthcare experiences will be shared at the Conference. Representatives from all the East African Healthcare Federations/organizations and a broad spectrum of other healthcare related institutions from the Region will also actively participate.

The 12th EAHF Conference and PHARMEX Exhibition will be unique in that for the first time, the conference will bring together all healthcare business within the region to discuss how to improve and promote healthcare business in the region. The Conference will promote intra-regional Medical Tourism, strategies to increase Regional sales of health commodities and medical equipment manufactured in the EAC, registration, and approval of medical products manufactured within the region by member states, and ensuring a free healthcare market within the region. Medical Education and recognition of academic credentials within the regions will also be discussed.

This will be a unique opportunity for Manufacturers of Medicines and other health commodities in the region to come and discuss business and market their products. Specialist hospitals will come and meet to discuss on cross boarder referral of patients within the region. Medical Schools will showcase the courses offered and will market their colleges. In short, East Africa will come together to make use of their regional economic strength. Its time for a Strong East Africa Community Business Meeting, with the theme Strengthening the Business of Health Within the East African Community: Building Stronger Health Synergies

Sub- themes will include:

  • Improving trade in medicines and medical devices manufacturing in EAC
  • Enhancing free movement of patients within the East African Region
  • Medical education without borders for East African citizens

Objective of the Conference is to promote the business of health in East African by East Africans, and for East Africans

The Anticipated Outcome of the Conference is a conducive healthcare business environment for the benefit of East Africans and East African Investors